The Voice Discovery Journal


The Voice Discovery Journal


Transform your Singing Practice into an Exploration of the Voice, Sound and Self-Love.

Fearless Singer's Voice Discovery Journal will inspire you to take daily action towards your singing, music & creativity goals.

Enjoy accelerated results by being super strategic and reflective without the process feeling clinical and boring.

*A portion of sales will go to charity

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I'm going to be honest with you. I was an absolute corker when it came to getting out of my music practice.

My 'practice aversion' started as a kid when I took up the violin. I would welcome the distraction of afternoon TV programs - Monkey Magic & Degrassi Junior High, anyone? What can I say, Australian TV in the 90's, it was a beautiful thing.

I would even gladly do my homework than pick up my tinny Skylark. But then my weekly lesson would come around and I would be bewildered as to why I wasn't able to play as well as I had hoped.

Fast forward many years later to my years studying music at University and the trait continued. Although this time I would show up to my weekly lesson wracked with guilt.

Deep soul diving work ensued and I cleared my procrastination and practice aversion. I began to see practice as an exploration of sound and then discovered that it was also an opportunity to grow a deeper appreciation for my voice, myself, music and life. It's a way of 'showing up' for yourself and the creative being that lives inside each and every one of us.

So practice transformed into an 'Exploration of Sound & Self-Love.'

I discovered that if we want to change a habit that is no longer serving us, it's far more powerful to do it from a place of love and forgiveness.

Being strategic about the way you 'practice' is super effective. As is jotting down your intentions for a session and then reflecting on it afterwards. It means you can accelerate your progress tenfold. But more importantly, it makes the journey way more meaningful and fun!

Anyhow - I lovingly infuse this journal with the intention that it brings you a treasure trove of musical and creative rewards.

Mel X