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Coaching sessions with Mel has been one of the best investments I’ve made so far for my healing and art ventures. Mel was able to help me gain clarity on my life and business goals from the first session, as well as the confidence to pursue them. Her knowledge and ability to teach voice is very healing for the throat chakra and has helped me improve my tone as well as to express myself with great ease. She is a highly intuitive, warm and gifted coach. I truly believe she can help anyone realize their full potential.”

— Amy Lou, Musician
Mel has such a caring nature - talking to her is like getting a big hug. She creates a safety in her consultations so that you can really let go and be honest about where you want to go in your future. She encourages her clients to dream big and nudges them in the direction of their potential. She also gives practical tools that can easily be applied to everyday life.
— Ladi Abundance
Mel has a warmth about her, and I feel so encouraged during our sessions. While she is able to put me at ease, she also has an incredibly attuned ear and is able to hear what is going on with my voice, even when I am unable to! Also, the tips that Mel imparts onto me, I have found very practical. Not only are they easy to implement, but they really achieve great results!”
— Tenille West, Jazz Singer,
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Working with Mel was like being hit by a bolt of lightning - in the best possible way. I’ve been terrified of singing for years and Mel’s gentle wisdom and kindness combined with her musical knowledge, allowed me to step out across my fear. What I have learned stretches far beyond singing and has made me more courageous in all aspects of my life and business.”
— Kathy Wilson,
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Mel has one of those rare abilities to be piercingly insightful whilst simultaneously liberating in her approach to vocal training and coaching. She has a way of untying tension in her students that allows them to sing with freedom and joy. In my experience she helped me reconnect with my breath and tone in the way that I dreamed of singing, as opposed to the tension one so often feels surrounding voice and expressing. She is completely amiable and personable, it is hard for me to imagine someone feeling uncomfortable in her presence.”
— Hannaka, Musician/Performer,

“I’m one of those people who will sing along to songs on the radio, belt out a tune in the car, and on occasion, morph into Cher or Dolly Parton in the shower (Turn Back Time and Jolene, if you were wondering). Last year I decided that life was too short and I should get myself up on stage, even just once, and sing for real. Learning how to use my voice properly with Mel has been an absolute joy. She is warm and encouraging, and I know with her continued guidance, I’ll reach that little dream of singing in front of an audience. Mel has shown me what my voice is capable of, and that in itself is a beautiful thing. It is surprising what your voice can do when you let it out - and I have Mel to thank for giving me something I never even knew I had.”
— Mel Archer, Writer/Yoga Teacher,

The first session I received from Mel immediately provided me with so much more confidence and erased many fears I had in regards to my singing. She provided me with great knowledge and some very handy warm-up techniques. I feel my singing immediately improved from that first lesson. Mel’s love of singing and her knowledge of the voice makes these sessions not only comfortable and fun but also very easy to understand and learn.”
— Luke Peacock, Musician,
I only wish I had met Mel earlier. Not just for how she has improved my singing, but my outlook on life and creativity as a whole has changed dramatically thanks to our sessions.
I was never confident with my voice, even though deep down I knew I had a good one. For a long time I was hindered by my self-set expectation to sound “perfect”.
I have had wonderful music and singing teachers over the years, but Mel was the first one to help me discover my own sound. Learning technique is important, yes. But discovering and embracing your own style needs to happen alongside that, and Mel will do that for you. She showed me that the parts of my voice that I considered to be ‘flaws’ were in fact unique characteristics, and taught me to embrace them rather than to try and camouflage. I soon realised how deeply set this mentality was - it had crossed over to my other outlets of creativity. She made me realise that I struggled with vulnerability and as any successful creative will tell you, that part is kind of crucial. The growth I’ve seen as a singer and in my other creative work since working with Mel has been exponential. Sure there were other people who contributed and the stage of life I was in certainly played a part, but The Fearless Singer (Mel) was the catalyst for this change in me and I couldn’t be more thankful to her.
— Celia Lucas, Singer & Designer,