Free Oil Consultation with Mel 


Want to have Essential Oils in your life but don't know where to start?

Let me help you! 

When I first started with essential oils, I felt a little overwhelmed by all the information that is out there. There are so many incredible oils that can support you in a myriad of ways. Let me take the guess work out for you. Book in for a free one-on-one consultation. 

So if you are asking: 

  1. What oils are best suited to my specific health concerns?  
  2. Am I actually going to use them? 
  3. How do I use the oils? 
  4. Really, what's all the big hoo ha?! 
  5. What is this life changing business opportunity you all speak of? 

Get in touch! I'm happy to answer all these questions and more. I will gently guide you towards an action plan to support your physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being with the essential oils. 

                                    *Consultations can be over the phone, Zoom or in person.